Boat built in 2018
, can host up to 7 people, if there are children in the crew, ideal for 6 adults. Exotic wood cockpit and upper deck gives the boat exclusiveness. The hull equipped with skids facilitates sitting on the slipways.

Two, lockable cabins, a spacious mess with an equipped galley and fold-out beds, a toilet cabin with a chemical toilet, will allow the crew to feel comfortable. In the spacious mess room, there was a place with a seat table (after folding it creates an extra two-person bed), a galley with a refrigerator and a stove, TV, radio. An undoubted advantage of the design is a large, open cockpit where the whole crew will find a comfortable place. Parents with small children will surely appreciate the construction of the transom. The permanent roof with folding Bimini protects against bad weather. The aft deck with a ladder facilitates helps swim around the yacht and the mattresses onboard the sun bath.

Two, 230V port and 12V yacht electric installations with large batteries charged from the engine, land and photovoltaic panel provide ideal energy comfort. The automatic charger starts charging all battery banks immediately after connecting to the land network. The on-board computer, managing inventory, shows the battery charge status, liquid levels in tanks, instantaneous and future electricity consumption. WEBASTO has solved the thermal comfort on the yacht. Tanks: 50 liters for fuel and 80 liters for water, provide several days of autonomy. The helmsman has a DRAGONFLY echo sounder with regional maps.

Maneuvers will definitely help: an economical 25 hp SUZUKI engine and a bow thruster. When burning about 2l / h, the yacht reaches a speed of 11km / h.

Maps of the region, guides, trips, a few books and board games, lifesaving measures for the entire crew, extinguishers are standard equipment for our yacht. One large family or group of friends will certainly be satisfied with the choice of this yacht.


Technical data

Hull length [ m.]:


Overall length [ m.]:


Overall width [ m.]:


Height above KLW [ m.]:


Height in the mess [ m.]:


Draft [ m.] :


Weight of the yacht [ Kg.] :


Water tank [ L.] :


Fuel tank [ L.] :


Number of people:




Price list

The price applies to the week from Saturday to Saturday, shorter charters are available outside of July and August. Price for short charter: 3 days + 25%; 4-5 days + 20%. Weekend is 3 days charter.

15/04/20 – 25/04/20


25/04/20 – 09/05/20


09/05/20 – 30/05/20


30/05/20 – 27/06/20


27/06/20 – 29/08/20


29/08/20 – 10/10/20




  • Two lockable cabins, a mess room, a toilet with a chemical toilet
  • SUZUKI DF2ATL engine - 25HP
  • Bow thruster 2KW
  • Anchor
  • Solar panel
  • Electric bilge pump
  • Echo-sounder, electronic maps of the region
  • 12V installation; 230V port
  • Fuel tank 50l
  • Water tank 80l
  • Three battery banks (100Ah start, 200Ah hotel, 100Ah thruster), charging from land, from the engine and from the solar panel
  • Gas cylinder 11kg
  • WEBASTO heating
  • Fridge
  • Radio and TV
  • Gas stove
  • Equipped galley: pots, frying pan, kettle, dishes, knives and more
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Fire blanket
  • First aid kit
  • Two lifebuoys, including one with a dartboard
  • Life jackets for all crew members
  • On-board computer - controls inventory management
  • Tool box: Swedish key, pliers, hammer, screwdrivers
  • Bouncers, paddles, bosses
  • Fold-out fishing chairs
  • Spotlight searchlight + flashlight
  • Binoculars
  • Maps, guides, and trips
  • Cushion for each crew member