Żuławy Wiślane, Pojezierze Iławskie, a bit of Warmia and Pomerania is a piece of Poland with a rich tradition, history and modern facilities for water sports enthusiasts. The region where we operate is hundreds of kilometers of safe waterways, it's history, monuments, tradition and modernity. Someone who is looking for silence, peace and idyllicness will surely find it on the rivers, canals and lakes. Small river marinas will make it possible to replenish supplies and enjoy nature, the lakes and coves will provide a perfect night's sleep, on the slipways of the  Elbląg Canal there will definitely be no time for boredom, and the Vistula Lagoon is the thrill of sea sailing. Someone who needs a tumult of big cities will find it in modern marinas in Gdańsk, Elbląg, Malbork, Iława or Ostróda, these cities also offer a rich range of cultural events, monuments and dozens of atmospheric cafes. In other words, each waterman will find something for himself and choose the direction of his cruise. We think that without a doubt, the waterways of our region can be called the POMERANIAN SAILING ROUTE. The name is used by Mr. Piotr Salecki from the Zalewwislany.pl portal, where you will find not only facts about the region and the route but also countless practical advice that will make exploring our region easier and more enjoyable. The Pomeranian Sailing Route is a dozen or so variants of the cruise route to choose from. Various waters - from coastal waters, bays, floods, ports, through river and canal sections, and typical inland routes with beautiful and clean lakes, allow you to choose the route corresponding to our sailing skills, as well as to the next "gradation of difficulties". On the trail, unique water structures - slipways, drawbridge, pontoon, revolving bridges, historic locks. This is here Jeziorak, the longest lake in Poland, with the largest inland island of Europe. Unique slipways that overcome the difference in water levels on the Elbląg Canal instead of the locks. Lazy Nogat, Szkarpawa and unpredictable Vistula are the main rivers of the Żuławy Loop. All this is at your fingertips, it is enough to charter a barge and sail, explore, get to know and rest.

I grew up on the Elbląg Canal and Jeziorak. In my childhood, being a member of HOW Bryza, I overcame many inclines. Each of my vacations was a water adventure. Children's entertainment turned into a passion that led me to the captaincy. Today, I professionally work at sea as a tanker captain, but I am happy to return with family and friends on the inland for peace, tranquility and water adventure. I encourage you to discover new passions, to get to know our region and its water routes. I invite you to the decks of our barges. HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!

kpt. ż. w. Kamil Winiewski