na wodach gdanskaGdańsk's Waterways are Motława, Stara Motława, the Kaszubian Canal, port waters, Martwa Wisła, the Wisła Śmiała. In Górki Zachodnie (which competes with Szczecin for the title of the Polish Sailing Capital) a cluster of huge ports and marinas is located. No less mooring places are located in the heart of the city, in the old town. The main waterway is Martwa Wisła and Motława with the Kaszubski Canal and the Port Channel.

gdanskGdańsk is a port city, located at the mouth of Motława to Vistula on the Gulf of Gdansk. A cultural, scientific and economic center and a hub of northern Poland, the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship and the Archdiocese of Gdańsk and the Orthodox Diocese of Bialystok and Gdansk. Gdańsk with 456 967 inhabitants occupies the sixth place in Poland in terms of population, as well as the sixth place in terms of area - 261.96 km2. The center of the Gdańsk agglomeration, together with Gdynia and Sopot, forms the Tri-City. It is one of the oldest cities in Poland with over a thousand years of history. Gdańsk has valuable architectural monuments, many institutions and cultural institutions operate there, it is also a royal and Hanseatic city, once the most populous and the richest in the Commonwealth. The first mention of Gdańsk comes from Saint Wojciech, written in Latin, which describes the visit of the bishop in this area in the spring of 997 and this date is often assumed as the beginning of the city's history, although in the seventh century there was a fishing settlement here.
Gdańsk, and not only, let's remember that Sopot and Gdynia are still a paradise for tourists, including water, dozens of marinas, marinas and a rich tourist offer that makes it an ideal place for a holiday or a few-day cruise in spring or autumn.


We enter the to Martwa Wisła from the Przegalina lock, around 20 km to the center of Gdańsk. To the drawbridge in Sobieszewo at 9km, the river is no different from other Żuławy rivers, peace and quiet. Next, buildings, harbors, harbor waters begin.
A kilometer after the bridge, the trail separates, to the north, Wisła Śmiała (part of the reservoir is a reserve), we go to Górki Zachodnie with several sailing harbours. Guided by the simple influence on the port waters proper, there is an increased movement of other units, not only tourist ones.
After a few kilometers, we reach to the heart of Gdańsk, to the north the Kaszubian Canal, the port, Westerplatte and further to the sea. Heading south, we influence Motława. A footbridge is also waiting in front of the old town, also open at fixed times.
Water inland and sea waters are in contact with the waters of Gdańsk, it should be remembered that the maritime navigational signage is in force here. IALA system, region "A", green - right side of the fairway, looking from the sea.


rzekiMartwa Wisła, Wisła Śmiała, Motława Gdańska, Martwa Wisła is the former main branch of the Vistula River. It became "dead" after the creation of the Przekop Wisły in Świbno and cut off from the main estuary by sluices in Przegalina and Pleniewie. The latter was dismantled after the war. The Vistula River is an important waterway and makes it possible to reach Gdańsk from the Vistula, avoiding the sea waters of the Gulf of Gdansk.
Wisła Śmiała was established in the winter of 1840, due to the interruption of the coastal dunes by ice-watered waters. Until the excavation of the Vistula Przekop in 1895, this place was the main outlet of the Vistula to the sea. It is also called the Przełom Wisła Śmiała or Rozlewiskiem Wisły Śmiała.
Motława is a river flowing through Żuławy Gdańskie and flowing into the Martwa Wisła near Polski Haku. The Żuławska Loop covers only the last Gdańsk section of Motława.

Ship traffic
The entire route should be considered for the movement of ships - including naval vessels, tugs, pushers with barges and other professional sailing vessels. Due to the contact of inland and inland waterways, the navigation markings on the majority of the route are compatible with marine markings.

We start the Martwa Wisła trail from the Przegalina lock. A permanent bridge at the lock since 2012 is already a drawbridge. On the route there is also a drawbridge in Sobieszewo (opened), and also, behind Stogi, permanent bridges - cable-stayed, railway (unopened) and Siennicki. The final section of the Martwa Wisła is port waters and Polish Hook. On the turnstile, at the Polish Haku, there are four directions to choose from:
1. To the north, the Kashubian Canal - through the port waters to Wisłoujście, Westerplatte and the Gulf of Gdańsk.
2. To the west, the "proper" Dead Vistula - through the former areas of the Gdańsk Shipyard and the Gdansk port (shipping ban), connecting again with the Kashubian Canal near Westerplatte.
3. At noon we will enter Motława, that is, the Old Town in Gdańsk and Marina Szafarnia.
4. To the east - we will return to the Martwa Wisła, towards Górki Zachodnie, Sobieszewa and Przegalina.

Shoals, outside the fairway, occur on the section from the Przegalina lock to the bridge in Sobieszewo. Behind the Eastern Hills, the section of the river is rebuilt and extended to a length of about 333 m to 51 m. Formerly there was a sluice Plenievo. Then it's wide again, up to the cable-stayed bridge.


In Gdansk, there is a lot of it, from the marina off the beaten track as in Wiślinka or Górki Zachodnie, to the marina in the center of the old town on the Motława. We will find there silence and peace, but also the hubbub of the port city.

wislinkaWiślinka, the marina is located deep in the bay on the southern bank of the Vistula Śmiała river. For the water sports enthusiasts, several mooring places have been prepared on jettys with y-booms, sanitary facilities and a daylight. The built recreation and training complex has a hundred-meter hangar for floating equipment, a crane, as well as smaller piers intended for yachts, motor boats and kayaks.


There are several marinas that are located at the mouth of the Wisła Śmiała River. Although the center of Gdansk is not close, the place is popular with sailors and water sports enthusiasts. In addition to the typical marinas, there are also companies that provide services related to water.

narodowe CZThe National Sailing Center is located at the mouth of Wisła Śmiała to the Gulf of Gdańsk, in the immediate vicinity of the Nature Reserve "Ptasi Raj", 100 meters from the sandy beach and the forest. The center, located only a dozen kilometers east of the Tri-City agglomeration, allows you to cut yourself off from the big city noise without losing your contact with civilization. It has 51 parking spaces. In the marina there is a wellness complex with a sauna, massage rooms and hydromassage.

galionGalion - AZS Centralny Ośrodek Sportu Akademickiego Marina Galion is located in the northern part of the Vistula Śmiała floodplain, in the vicinity of the National Sailing Center from the east and the Academic Sea Club from the west. The landmark Galion Hotel and the dark yellow hangar building are characteristic buildings visible at a distance from the distance. The marina offers full service to sailors. There are guest and construction berths, electricity on the quay, possibility of refueling, toilets and showers. Gastronomy is a hotel restaurant and bar - located in the depths of the marina.

marina gdanskMarina Gdańsk - you can not get any closer. Yacht port in the center of old Gdansk. 60 parking spaces, a permissible draft of 3.5 m, on site: boatswain, information, ATM, telephone, medical help, bar, shops, hotel, toilet, shower, drinking water, electricity, 300m. to the floating Lotos station. The Gdańsk marina is located along the Szafarnia Wharf on the New Motława River and has a length of 290m. The harbor, since its inception in 1997, is a tourist attraction and not only attracts numerous tourists to the center of the old town, but also gives it prestige. Gdańsk on the anniversary of its millennium has joined the group of European cities that own a marina in the very center. Marina in Gdansk is known for the fact that cyclically guests flotilla yacht taking part in the Baltic Sail regatta, Hevelius Cup and Regatta for the Cup of the President of the City of Gdansk. In addition to cyclical events, numerous visitors arrive from all corners of the world. English-speaking service is available on site and is guarded 24 hours a day. The marina has 60 numbered places, and the office service of guests is carried out between 7:30 and 19:00.