GoodTimeCzarter is a family project with the support of many friends without whom not only would not this project, but life would be sadder. We are a family who likes water and everything related to it. We sail as family, do motorboat tourism, we dive. In our case, water is not only a passion but also a way of life. After many years of working on the sea and many holiday adventures under sail, it's time to become a 'shipowner' and encourage everyone to water tourism. And so appeared the Król Życia and Wolne od Szefa first two yachts, which are available to charterers since 2016. In 2018. we increased the fleet by Długi Weekend, and in 2019. we are waiting for two more Sielanka and CichoSza. Our goal is to promote our region and broadly understood water tourism.

In order to become an "oldman" needs to get a little tired, finish school, exchange courses and pass over a dozen examinations. And then wait until someone trusts and handles the ship. With us, everyone can become "oldman". The change in regulations regarding sailing and motorboat licenses has caused that today everyone can visit Poland from the water side. You do not need any license to run our yachts, you only need comprehensive training that you will receive from us.

"Charter" is in marine language, renting a ship, "time charter" is renting a fixed-term ship, we've polonized it a bit, and that's how GoodTimeCzarter was created, it's just a good time for you on board our barges. We would like you to remember the time spent on our yachts and always come back to us.

GoodTimeCzarter Crew


MarysiaMaria, the boss, the wife of a man for everything, has always been afraid of the water but convinced, tried and not only sails under sail but also has fun. Her passions are skiing and a good book.



KamilKamil, a guy for everything, the husband of the boss, master mariner, the motorboat of the sea helmsman, the yacht helmsman, the younger lifeguard, the CMAS diver. Other passions are: skiing, snowboarding, motorcycles, aquariums and boatbuilding for several years.


JulaJula, daughter and sun never overlapping, swimming in water, under water and on the water. Her passions are dance, snowboarding and a good book. There is something writing there.



KacperKacper, nickname Kapsel, as he says, a dirty man, whatever it means in the mouth of a twelve-year-old. Swimming in the water, under water and on the water, young CMAS gold diver. His passions are skateboarding, snowboarding, he rides on everything that has wheels.